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The Club

The "ChefHeads - Club of Chefs" brings together the expertise of patrons, hotel managers, restaurant managers, sommeliers, chefs, sous chefs, chef pâtissiers, confectioners and bakers worldwide and promotes communication between the players. As a culinary network from more than eight countries, "ChefHeads - Club of Chefs" is the trendsetter of the culinary community.

This is what the more than 500 members live by on the subject of enjoyment and passion in all its facets. The entire network comprises more than 3000 participants, almost everyone from the industry is welcome at "ChefHeads".

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Already joined:

  • Dieter Müller
  • Georg Maushagen
  • Daniel Gottschlich
  • Holger Bodendorf
  • André Münch
  • Harald Derfuß
  • Herbert Brockel
  • Heinz O. Wehmann
  • Christopher und Alejandro Wilbrand
  • Benedikt Faust
  • Matthias Maucher
  • André Stolle

Do good and talk about it

Charity-Partner Stiftung KinderHerz
Charity-Partner Stiftung KinderHerz

- this is the credo of the association (see above photos). For more than ten years now, the "KinderHerz" foundation has been supplied with cooks from the culinary network, which brings in money for children with congenital heart defects at nationwide charity events.

In the network of the ChefHeads supported us:

  • Christian Lohse
  • Hans-Peter Wodarz
  • Matthias Diether
  • Marco Müller
  • Ronny Siewer

The culinary roof invites you to expert discussion

The exchange of experience and the development of industry-relevant trends are always the main focus of the expert discussions between the culinary colleagues. "ChefHeads" endeavours to impart a wide range of knowledge and experience to young professionals in the industry in personal discussions. For this purpose, so-called "Junior-ChefHeads" are accepted into the club, who benefit from many advantages such as free workshops, personnel coaching and so on through their membership.

Membership of the ChefHeads

How to become "Junior ChefHead"

Youth development is always approached with great ambition at the "ChefHeads" Club. Candidates from the third year of apprenticeship as a chef are selected, applications for this can be sent to the office by trainers. After the positive reception the "Junior-ChefHeads" are professionally promoted by the "ChefHeads".

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